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The Megacity Chosen Lague is on a mission to Build Emotional Intelligent Athletes starting in the Jane and Finch community. The Program was created to utilize basketball to develop the emotional intelligence, social and cultural capital of the youth.

By having the youth participate in immersive, culturally relevant, and transformative workshops, activities and social opportunities on and off the court we aim to meliorate focal elements of life. Fostering Emotionally Intelligent Athletes will emerge as the new template for youth development programs in neglected communities around the world.

 Coupling the unique “professional league experience” Megacity Basketball has developed, with the one-of-a-kind culturally relevant emotional intelligence and life skills programming Generation Chosen offers, the Megacity Chosen Program is will provide substantial and innovative aid to the youth living in Jane and Finch through sport. We are providing a research-based experience never seen before.


SUMMER 2023 Programs:


Ages 11 to 14 - Advanced Training Camps & Junior League


- EQ Training  (FRIDAYS @ YORK U)

- Skills Development Camps (FRIDAYS @ YORK U)  

- Official Season Games (SATURDAYS @ YORK U)



York University - Behavioural Sciences Building 

96 York Boulevard

York Univeristy - Tait McKenzie Centre

1 Thompson Rd




FRIDAYS @ 5pm to 6pm (Behavioural Science Building)

FRIDAYS @ 6pm to 8pm (Tait McKenzie)

SATURDAYS @  11am to 3pm (Tait McKenzie)



If you have any questions regarding registration or the MB Youth Outdoor Training Program please email us: